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Presidential panel: Theorizing human agency and the self

— Martin Collins — For the 2017 annual meeting of the Society for History of Technology, I organized and moderated a “presidential roundtable” on “Theorizing human agency and the self: What Does/Can History of Technology Contribute to the Humanities?” As discussants the panel included Katherine Boyce-Jacino (Johns Hopkins); Christopher Otter (Ohio State); Amy Slaton (Drexel); … Continue reading Presidential panel: Theorizing human agency and the self

Computers and Futures

— Dick van Lente — Two panels at the conference of the Society for the History of Technology in Philadelphia, last October, were devoted to ‘Computers and futures: expectations of a future with computers in eight countries, 1945-1970.’ During the first post war decades, several scientists, politicians and intellectuals believed that electronic computers would fundamentally … Continue reading Computers and Futures

Playing with Technology

— Ingrid Ockert and Roger Turner — Play matters. Fun technologies invite participation, which can become mediums of expression for political organizing or economic engagement. Positive associations with particular technologies can guide career choices and create a better society, or so people have believed in societies from the communist Soviet Union to the United States … Continue reading Playing with Technology