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Viscerality and abstraction

— Luke Stark – As a figurative adjective, ‘visceral’ was coined during the Renaissance, but fell out of use through the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, when something visceral was likely to refer specifically to the scientific or medical condition of the human gut and bowels. At the same time, emotions, passions, moods and feelings … Continue reading Viscerality and abstraction

Sensory STS: A blog-post series

— Co-editors: Nicole Charles, Marianne de Laet, Jia-Hui Lee, Christy Spackman — A reviewer of one of our recent papers bluntly stated, ‘Instruments don’t sense.’ ‘Don’t they?’, we wondered, perplexed, visions of pH meters, spectrometers, and disease-sniffing rats dancing through our heads. The reviewer’s statement in turn opened a world of questions: What does it mean … Continue reading Sensory STS: A blog-post series