Relays from the 2017 4S Meeting: STS (In)Sensibilities

As a way of continuing the conversation from the conference, we are posting a select number of panel summaries that offer reviews of key presentations, raise additional questions, and ‘relay’ additional information for those who couldn’t attend:

STS across Borders, by Hined Rafeh and Kim Fortun

The Tools of the Trade, by Jeremy Hunsinger

Historical (In)Sensibilities, by Yana Boeva

A Sense of Balance, by Hélène Mialet and Natasha Schüll

Making Sense of Conferences, by Jessamy Perriam

Making Sense of Autonomous Technologies, 40 Years Later, by Colin Garvey

Smart yet (in)Sensible? Feminist Critical Perspectives on Smart Cities, by Nassim JafariNaimi, Kathi R. Kitner and Beth Coleman

Crip Technoscience, by Aimi Hamraie and Kelly Fritsch

Structural Inequalities and Technoscience, by Nathalia Hernández Vidal and Kelly Moore

STS, Critical Design, and the Critical Digital Humanities, by James W. Malazita

Engaging with Data, by Jeremy Hunsinger

Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier, by Jason Edward Archer

Visualizing Security, by Nikolaus Pöchhacker

Indigenous Knowledges and Technologies, by Tiago Ribeiro Duarte and Claudia Magallanes-Blanco

Brain injury in sport and its effects: Entanglements of science, law, and design, by Kathleen Bachynski, Kate Henne and Matt Ventresca