Founded in 2017, Transmissions diffuses ideas in motion, signals contentious and developing topics, and powers emerging STS dialogue and debate. An informal companion to the journal Social Studies of Science, the website works with the dynamism and flexibility of digital media to communicate, fuel, and circulate emerging, time-sensitive, and usefully inchoate material, generating new questions, positions and tensions, and channeling them into longer-term research projects.

Dispatches provide timely, topical discussion of STS issues – replies to recent publications, reactions to current events, or position pieces. We accept submissions of less than 1K words on a rolling open call basis.
Relays report or reflect on STS events, such as conferences, symposia, and workshops. We accept submissions of 200-500 words on a rolling open call basis.
Circulations develop dialogue around specific themes. We make occasional calls for theme-based posts of less than 1K, and accept proposals for themes at transmissions [at] queensu [dot] ca, under subject line “Circulations Theme.”


Editorial Collective

Khadija Coxon, McGill-Queen’s University Press, khadija.coxon [at] queensu [dot] ca

Thomas Linder, Sociology, Queen’s University, thomas.linder [at] queensu [dot] ca

Steven Richardson, Sociology, Queen’s University, 14sr1 [at] queensu [dot] ca

Karina Rider, Sociology, Queen’s University, 16kar4 [at] queensu [dot] ca

Sergio Sismondo, Philosophy, Queen’s University, sismondo [at] queensu [dot] ca