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The new watchdogs of science

—Emmanuel Didier, Catherine Guaspare-Cartron— On March 3rd, 2016, we hosted a conference entitled ‘Destabilized Science’ at the University of California, Los Angeles, to which we invited two representatives of core actors within the new science watchdog pack: Ivan Oransky, co-founder in 2010 of Retraction Watch, and Brandon Stell, co-founder in 2012 of PubPeer. After the … Continue reading The new watchdogs of science

Sticky technologies

—Tom Scott-Smith— It is easy to love fluidity. Fluid movement implies grace and effortless beauty. Fluid materials yield and flow. Fluids fill gaps, change in response to new conditions and are inherently smooth and adaptable. These qualities have seemed particularly useful in development and humanitarian aid. The Zimbabwe bush pump, as described in an article … Continue reading Sticky technologies